Tribute to Human Dignity

The idea was born from the desire to leave a significant and long-lasting legacy, a symbol of Brunello Cucinelli’s work and dedication to humanity. The monument which christens the park is made up of a travertine exedra, approximately 5 meters high and 24 meters long, incorporating a tripod in the center and five graphic arches, above which is stated in bold bronze letters the words: “Tribute to the dignity of man”.

Tributo alla Dignità dell'Uomo - Solomeo

To express the universal nature of this structure, the name of the five continents of the world is listed under each arch, again in bronze: AMERICA, EUROPE, AFRICA, ASIA, OCEANIA.
Africa is located beneath the central arch to commemorate man’s original home.

To insure its preservation for centuries, the monument was built according to ancient technique, starting from the rules of Vitruvius, Palladio and Sebastiano Serlio. From this perspective it could be considered rare for our times.

Constructed using entire blocks of travertine, placed on top of each other with the simple interposition of lead plates connected vertically and horizontally with pins and braces, it is exactly like ancient structures, respecting the rules and proportions of classical architecture in every detail.
Three different kinds of travertine have been used, the darkest on the floor, a medium shade for the ashlar base and the lightest for the arches.

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