The Church of Saint Bartholomew

At the center of the hamlet, sits the Piazza della Pace, with the parish church of Saint Bartholomew at the far end. Founded in the 12th century, the once celebrated church was rebuilt in the 18th century and further expanded over the next hundred years. Considered the religious temple of Solomeo, the church overlooks the vast valley from its prominent position. It is a poised single hall structure with a stone exterior, flanked by an impressive bell tower. The interior holds rich decorations and a precious 18th century organ.

Chiesa di San Bartolomeo - Solomeo

Showing signs of structural decay in the early 20th century, an attempt was made to fortify its walls, covering the old façade with the material that is seen today. To the dismay of the village, the new appearance lacked a connection with Solomeo’s history, tarnishing the allure of the square. The simplicity and beauty of the old façade, with its airy rose window overlooking the entrance, was mourned and continues to be to this day.

Over time, the church has undergone several restoration measures on the interior and on the organ. The current renovations, which even take seismic safety into consideration, have been designed to make it stronger than that performed almost a century ago, and include the possibility of bringing the old façade back to light to alleviate the structure.

Chiesa di San Bartolomeo - Solomeo

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