Cultural Events and Activities

A series of enriching cultural events and inspiring activities breathes added life into the ancient village of Solomeo. During the summer, the Villa Solomei Festival entrances visitors with melodic concerts and musical events in the most historic areas of the acropolis where poetic sounds echo into the hills. At Renaissance Solomeo, visitors are given a transformative invitation to partake on a journey through time, allowing their senses to relive ancient traditions and flavors. For children and their families, the Laic Oratory organizes sporting and cultural activities throughout the year.


Villa Solomei Festival

The amphitheater, the castle square and the Church of Saint Bartholomew are some of the venues which host the Villa Solomei Festival with concerts and events dedicated to beautiful music, classic in particular. An elevated artistic musical offering whose principles are prominent musicians and composers of the Italian and international music scene.

In recent editions, global artists have exposed eager audiences to exotic musical traditions from distant, ancient and fascinating lands. The Villa Solomei Festival was founded in 1998 and is dedicated to the loving memory of Father Alberto Seri, Solomeo’s beloved pastor who founded the “Choir Canticum Novum” in 1986.

Festival Villa Solomei

Solomeo Rinascimentale Festival

Solomeo Rinascimentale

Since 1979, the imaginative Renaissance Solomeo has been an evocative jubilation that transports the acropolis back in time. By the light of torches, while serenaded through the streets of the village by the folk songs of troubadours and minstrels, visitors relive the ancient games of jesters and street artists, amazed by skilled artisans making traditional crafts and sampling the rich flavors of Umbrian cuisine.

Organized by the Philharmonic Society of Solomeo, with the festive participation of the hospitable hamlet residents, the annual Solomeo Renaissance fair is celebrated the last ten days of July.

The Laic Oratory

The Laic Oratory is dedicated to the memory of Father Alberto Seri (1927-1997), who is remembered with great love and admiration by the village of Solomeo for his spiritual and social service. He knew how to speak to the souls of the people and combined this pastoral work with the organization of sporting and artistic events. To honor his lifelong work and dedication to the community, a park with a soccer stadium, small gyms and expansive gardens was erected at the foot of the village, six hectares in size.

An open area where children and their families meet to engage in sports and spend wholesome moments outdoors, organizing games and cultural activities. The monument to Father Alberto Seri is positioned at the entrance to the park and represents the priest together with the boys to whom he devoted a significant part of his pastoral work.