At a time when live performances are still suspended, the town of Solomeo invites you to virtually participate at the concerts of the CanticumNovum Choir through the "Waiting time" column.

Enjoy listening to the Luminous Night of the soul concert

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A window on the old town of Solomeo, dedicated to its beauty and to the projects aimed at bringing its historical and natural heritage into the future.

The School of Arts and Crafts is nestled in the charming Umbrian village of Solomeo. It was conceived from a heartfelt desire to convey to younger generations the cultural importance of an artisan heritage and expose them to the richness of handcrafted creativity. Students are offered apparel related courses in Pattern Making and Women’s Tailoring, Cutting and Men’s Tailoring, Mending, Knitwear, Horticulture, Landscaping and Masonry.

La Scuola di Arti e Mestieri - Solomeo

Every year stimulating cultural events and intriguing historical re-enactments transform the village of Solomeo into a worldly stage.

Festival Villa Solomei

Musical notes dance through the air at the Villa Solomei Festival as Italian and international artists entice the audience with mesmerizing arrangements from the great masters and compositions belonging to the cultural heritage of various countries.

Solomeo Rinascimentale

The Renaissance Solomeo whisks visitors back in time, on a visually stimulating journey into the traditions of the past, helping them to experience a time long gone by.

A pleasant place that makes you feel like the guardian of beauty.